Automated migration from a Debian bullseye/buster system to Devuan chimaera/beowulf.
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This is a script for migrating from a Debian buster system to either Devuan beowulf or Devuan chimaera.

It has two stages:

  1. replace the init system to be sysvinit and reboot

  2. upgrade to the standard beowulf/chimaera distribution and reboot

Copy the script to /root, and then run as root in one of four ways:

  1. # ./ 1

  2. # DIST=chimaera ./ 1

  3. # DE=desktop ./ 1

  4. # DIST=chimaera DE=DESKTOP ./ 1

The script performs the 2-stage migration without operator intervention, with a first stage ending in reboot after having primed the boot to enter the second stage automatically. It then performs the second stage, still without operator intervention, and ends with a subsequent reboot.

The script will migrate the system to beowulf unless DIST=chimaera is set in which case it will migrate to chimaera.

The script may uninstall the desktop environment used in buster and then not install a desktop environment unless DE=desktop is set in which case it will install xfce4 (using task-xfce-desktop).

Note that this script only handles systems with Ethernet cable networking.