fusefile is FUSE file mount that presents a series of fragments of other files as a single, contiguous file.
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# This is a test script for the overlay function of fusefile.
# 1) prepare a base image
# 2) set up a fusefile overlay
# 3) run tests
# 4) dismantle the fusefile overlay
# 5) remove test images
; ID is hour, minute and second values packed into a string
'ID (apply string (3 3 (now)))
'BASE (format "%s.raw" ID)
'OLY (format "%s.oly" ID)
'SEGSZ 17000
'SEGN 40
'LIBC6 "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6"
'MINE "mine"
(import LIBC6 "on_exit" "int" "void*" "void*")
;; Set up a fusefile
(define (onexit x y)
(write-line 2 (string "terminating: " x " " (get-string y)))
(! (format "fusermount -u %s" BASE))
(delete-file OLY)
(delete-file BASE)
## note: BASE is set up as a holes file with SEGN segments of size SEGSZ
(! (format "dd if=/dev/zero of=%s bs=%d seek=%d count=0 status=none"
(unless (= (! (format "fusefile %s %s -overlay:%s %s"
"-ononempty -oallow_other" BASE OLY BASE)))
(exit 1))
(on_exit (callback 'onexit "void" "int" "void*") MINE)
(println (list BASE OLY))
(define (die) (write-line 2 (apply string (args))))
(define (prog1 x) x)
(define (pos X (OFF 0))
(+ (* SEGSZ X) OFF))
(define (read-segment FILE X (OFF 0) (N SEGSZ))
(let ((FD (open FILE "r")) (BUFFER ""))
(seek FD (pos X OFF))
(prog1 (when (= N (read FD BUFFER N)) BUFFER)
(close FD))))
(define (write-segment FILE X DATA (OFF 0))
(let ((FD (open FILE "u")))
(seek FD (pos X OFF))
(write FD DATA)
;(seek FD -1)
(close FD)))
(define (read-ulong FD)
(let ((BUFFER ""))
(when (= 8 (read FD BUFFER 8)) ((unpack "ld" BUFFER) 0))))
(define (read-table)
(let ((AT (file-info BASE 0)) (FD (open OLY "r")) (COUNT 0) (OUT '()))
(seek FD AT)
(unless (setf COUNT (read-ulong FD))
(write-line 2 "** Bad count")
(exit 1))
(push COUNT OUT -1)
(dotimes (i COUNT)
(push (list (read-ulong FD) (read-ulong FD)) OUT -1))
(define (check-segment AT DATA (OFF 0))
(write-segment BASE AT DATA OFF)
(format "check %2d %d: %s %s %s" AT
(length DATA)
(if (= (read-segment BASE AT OFF (length DATA)) DATA) "ok" "error")
(if (= (read-segment OLY AT OFF (length DATA)) DATA) "ok" "error")
(string (read-table))))
;; Test 1
(seed (date-value))
DATA (pack (dup "b" SEGSZ) (rand 256 SEGSZ))
DATB (pack (dup "b" (* 4 SEGSZ)) (rand 256 (* 4 SEGSZ)))
AT (- SEGN 4))
(check-segment 0 DATA 0)
(check-segment AT DATA)
(check-segment (+ AT 2) DATA)
(check-segment (+ AT 1) DATA)
(check-segment (- AT 1) DATA -10)
(check-segment (- AT 1) DATA 10)
(check-segment 0 DATA 0)
(check-segment 1 DATA 1)
(check-segment 2 DATA 2)
(check-segment 0 DATB 10)
(check-segment (- SEGN 1) DATA 0)
;(setf DATA (pack (dup "b" SEGSZ) (rand 256 SEGSZ)) AT (- SEGN 4))
(exit 0)