Embedded Devuan Builder
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Embedded Devuan Builder

Table of contents


  • Lua Dependencies
    apt-get install lua5.3 lua5.3-dev
    update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/lua lua /usr/bin/lua5.3 1
    update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/luac luac /usr/bin/luac5.3 1
    • lnewt dependency for the UI.
      apt-get install luarocks git libnewt-dev gcc make
      luarocks build https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tuxd3v/lnewt/master/lnewt-master-0.rockspec
  • Edev1 Dependencies( maybe something more is needed.. )
    apt-get install u-boot-tools swig python-dev python3-dev flex bison make devscripts build-essential libssl-dev bc quilt git qemu-user-static binfmt-support debootstrap


Embedded {OS rootfs, Kernel, BootLoader } Builder

relative path description
./reference Place were the { code, configurations, patchs } resides
./ToolChains Place were ToolChains are installed
./BootLoaders Place were BootLoaders are installed
./Kernels Place were Kernels are installed
./Graphics Place were Graphics code stacks are installed( not yet Active )
./Builds Place were code built end


The module that describes toolchains, are 'reference/tools/toolchains.lua'.

Edev1 assumes that you are crosscompiling from x86/amd64 to a guest arch.. Crosscompilers can be automatically downloaded, from the menu..

To select host x86 or amd64 crosscompiler packages You need to select the correct host arch for you, in 'reference/tools/toolchains.lua' module. There are presently 3 types of Crosscompilers for table 'arm':

  • arm32( <= armv6 )
    • baremetal0( used to compile PowerManagement code for some microcontrollers( like cortex-m0 ) builtin in some SoC's( RK3399 is one of this SoC's ).. )
    • baremetal( used to compile bootloaders )
    • linuxgnu( used to compile kernels )
  • aarch32( armv7 )
    • baremetal( used to compile bootloaders )
    • linuxgnu( used to compile kernels )
  • aarch64( >= armv8 )
    • baremetal( used to compile bootloaders )
    • linuxgnu( used to compile kernels )

exe: So let's say your sbc target is armv7, and you are on amd64 host, you need to go to 'reference/tools/toolchains.lua' module, Comment the i686 packages, and uncomment the amd64 ones in tables arm.aarch32( for baremetal and kernel compilation, both.. ).. You need to do that, for each diferent target arch you want to compile code for..


The module that describes bootloaders, are 'reference/tools/bootloaders.lua'.

Currently only Uboot is suported as bootloader.Trusted Execution Environments{ ARM Trusted Firmware, OPTEE }, have its description created, but only ARM Trusted Firmware is working correctly. So for the moment, only uboot/ARM Trusted Firmware is automated to download, install, and compile processes..


The module that describes kernels, are 'reference/tools/kernels.lua'.

There are 2 very well defined kernel versions:

  • lts - Long Term Support
  • current - Current stable version
  • mainline - This option exists, so that you can compile a mainline version, but the code download( and install in correct place ), is manual, also the folder name needs to be '$PWD/Kernels/linux-mainline', for compilation process to succced.


Were is expected that your compiled code lands..

Board Configurations:

The Boards configuration modules are present at 'reference/hw/boards/'.

They describe the hardware, patchs for software( kernel| bootloader|ArmTrusted Firmware ),toolchains to use, current kernel to build for, OS configs that should be put inplace, etc.. Each board has a config module..

Some that are working corectly are:

  • 'reference/hw/boards/OLime2.lua'
  • 'reference/hw/boards/OnePlus.lua'
  • 'reference/hw/boards/RockPi4A.lua'
  • 'reference/hw/boards/RPro64.lua'
  • 'reference/hw/boards/RPi1.lua'
  • 'reference/hw/boards/nPiR2S.lua'
  • 'reference/hw/boards/m2Zero.lua'
  • 'reference/hw/boards/neoAir.lua'

Other Modules that we need to have in account are:

  • 'reference/hw/boards.lua'
  • 'reference/hw/cpus.lua'

Edev1 UML:

A preview of a initial UML..


Edev1 : tuxd3v