Embedded Devuan Builder
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  1. -- Improve, or Update the Edev1 UML Dia Diagram to reflect current project status..
  2. -- Create a link from root project to devuan.lua,
  3. -- Which will be the base of the CI pipeline builder..
  4. Later pass all OS, executable commands, like:
  5. os.execute( "cmd" )
  6. to a new Lua module:
  7. mist.lua
  8. it will be organized by topic..
  9. ie:
  10. mist.aarch64.kernel.Clean()
  11. mist.aarch64.kernel.Compile()
  12. mist.aarch64.kernel.CModules()
  13. mist.aarch64.kernel.CDeviceTree()
  14. etc..
  15. mist.aarch64.bootloader.Clean()
  16. mist.aarch64.bootloader.Compile()
  17. ...
  18. ..
  19. This module will be later imported by anny module that needs command line actions..
  20. In this way,
  21. All the rest of the code, will be cleaner, and when you need to change something,
  22. IF You go to change something, you go to the DIRECT PLACE on the module! :)