The newt repository, is were all code related with newt lands, libraries, dev packages, etc are taken from this source package.. In the current case this repository serves to hold patches for newt
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Patches for newt packages

Table of contents


This pacthes will be, automatically, applied when you build several packages from it( from sources.. ). If you want to apply patches by hand:

# jump to newt directory
cd newt
patch -p1 < debian/patches/the_patch_you_want_to_apply.patch

The newt source code should be patched automatically..


  • Add Escape HotKey to forms.c, to maintain previous behaviour, this will also add this functionality to tools like whiptail, and the libraries, and such..


This paches are Architecture independent, they should be built for any arch were you want support for the newt libraries or tools..


Tests were done, and everything is working again, I tested with lnewt, the behaviour is restored..


patches : tuxd3v