This project contains "translations" for the forum.
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This project contains the translations for the forum.

The general principle is that each language is set up in a sub directory named by the language and having the same file structure as the English tree. The directory name becomes an entry in the language selection toggle of the profile setup at the forum, and the prinicple is there to use the language name as named in the language itself.

Translation Files

The translation files each hold an associative array that define mappings from code keys into phrases in the target lanaguage. The form for a mapping is:

'key' => 'phrase',

I.e., the key part is a string of text within a blanced pair of single-quotes, and the phrase part likewise is a string of text within a balanced pair of single-quotes. It’s also possible to use a balanced pair of double-quotes instead, but only if necessary.

The translation tree also includes templates for the various email the forum might send.