mirmon confs for devuan mirrors
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mirmon for devuan mirrors

NOT WORKING : mirror age. in contrast to debian, no stats file (project/trace/ftp-master.debian.org) in mirrors. now, just using amprolla.txt for mirror age, with first date shown, ~250 days earlier...


(as_root) install mirmon : apt install mirmon -y

(as_user) clone repo : git clone https://git.devuan.org/xinomilo/devuan-mirmon.git create initial state file : touch devuan-mirmon/state copy conf : cp devuan-mirmon/devuan_mirmon.conf devuan-mirmon/mirmon.conf adjust devuan-mirmon/mirmon.conf with correct path for mirror_list, state and web_page files.

note: mirmon by default runs in cron.hourly as root. so, comment out everything in /etc/cron.hourly/mirmon and add a user cron instead : crontab -e add a line like : */30 * * * * /usr/bin/mirmon -q -get update -c /path/to/devuan-mirmon/mirmon.conf

note: run cron command manually first, to check validity of path, errors, etc.

apache virtualhost alias for icons : Alias /icons/ /usr/share/mirmon/icons/ (or you can just cp -r /usr/share/mirmon/icons in web_page directory.

demo : https://status.stinpriza.org/mirmon/

mirmon : https://www2.projects.science.uu.nl/ictbeta/mirmon/